Dear Gratitude Journal :

There isn’t anyone who is having a typical Christmas, myself included. Times like this, I find myself grateful for things I normally wouldn’t even see. I’m grateful that so many healthcare workers have gotten their first shot. I know they feel a huge sense of relief. I do, too. I’m grateful for people in the hospitality business. People who cook, people who make drinks, people who bring you things….they are so important to our economy and our quality of life, and this has been the most difficult year for them. I’m grateful my neighbor gave me some homemade toffee. Nom. I’m grateful another neighbor recommended an additional loop to my AM power walk. That way I can keep trying to out-exercise my ridiculous sweet tooth. And, I’m grateful that I am safe, warm, happy, healthy, and have everything I could need or want. The best of times in the worst of times.

The end.

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